by Smiley

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Cleft 02:16
pointed toward scaly theatrics / some numberless and unravished shells / and conventions that ground us in moans / when filthy rivers are the fashion / our guilty cleft minds are pregnant with reproach / and are contrary to the country // contrary to the country / the country of our parents and our children / a lonely rebirth broadcast on a cage / an elevated attendance / inebriation / arbitrary / grasping at word heaps parallel and criss crossed // parallel and criss crossed our cleft minds are pausing at the pits / slow feet hesitate rest / refrain from breaking / from muddying the cadence of the doomed progression and our botched curation / so we borrow the acoustics
Thresher 02:25
it's happenstance that fragile glances are destroyed by failed romances / get down low and start to blow to glaze over the lonely sorrow / or receive some peonies to oppress what she's meant to be / have some fun but marry young / she's bound to take the plunge a thresher table that is set is decorated by the best / the best is one who's young and fair and powders nose and combs her hair / and cooks the meat wet and hot / all the while she's dying rotting / count to three and all she sees / a life gone by no rest no peace death stands up and starts to taunt and soon she sees that what she wants / is rest and peace and not a sound / lifes a theatre in the round / from all sides spectators sit and watch her walk and judge her hips / and they're not a quiet bunch / they catalyze the plunge
JC 01:37
Your Sight 02:15
stuck in your head / a hunger goes unfed / in the place where your best work goes ruthlessly underpaid / as the cut follows the blade / these events are overplayed / the brand the trademark the assembly line a sold chain / keeping your time / is on your mind / and from where you can see yourself you appear divine / a vision of you / beginning to brew / a hue in lieu of truth // your sight your eyes / the closest thing resembling you left hopelessly to die


Smiley's first release is a four song demo recorded in 2018 in Oakland, Ca at the Secret Bathroom. Smiley is Rebecca Pâté on drums, Sierra Wendt on bass and vocals, H.L. Nelly on guitar and vocals, and Alisen Boada on guitar.


released March 29, 2019

Recorded by Andrew Oswald
Mixed by H.L. Nelly
Cover art by Laneya Billingsley


all rights reserved



Smiley Oakland, California

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